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Welcome to the first blog post!

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The last Blog post I did was way back in 2010 when I was driving the JESEL VALVETRAIN roadster at Bonneville. Well now, there’s been a whole lot going on since and with the new “JIMMY SHINE” website up and running now I’m back in the mix!

The last 5 years have seen many new experiences in my life. We retired the Jesel roadster after setting 5 land speed records in it.

I, along with the crew at SO-Cal Speed Shop, completed the “INDY SPEEDSTER” for Bill Lindig and won the A.M.B.R. in 2012 which was a monumental occasion for all of us!

There were two seasons of “CAR WARRIORS” filmed; the first season with George Barris, Mad Mike and myself, and the second someone thought I’d make a good host. Jury is still out on that one.

I’ve been able to travel extensively all over the world preaching the hot rod gospel, attending shows and rod runs from Japan, Australia, England, Canada, Finland, and even Moscow, Russia . . . . no kidding, I went to the Kremlin and even saw the K.G.B. building ( I didn’t take a picture of the K.G.B. building because I was told not to ).

We’re working on a new T.V. show with Billy Gibbons from that band we know, it’s about cars as you can imagine and some weird fun stuff that seems to accompany the characters.

One of the biggest things to happen would be the sale of my ’34 truck at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale this past January. Truly one of the most emotionally conflicting moments of my life. We were very happy with the $215,000 golden ticket it put in our hands but the loss felt like a death in the family. Why sell the truck you ask? The reason is simple, growth. Time to make bigger dreams happen, time to push forward and contribute to this automotive legacy, time to open the “JIMMY SHINE WORK SHOP” in Orange, California.

I will always have my roots planted deeply within the hallowed name of So-Cal Speed Shop and honor my forefathers Alex Xydias and Pete Chapouris, but this is my gig that I will carry on my shoulders and make it or break it. Pete, Alex and what would seem to be just about everyone I know in the industry has been supporting us from the word go. Feels good. I hope to do as good of a job as my heros.

I want to thank everybody for hanging in there while we’ve been pursuing this new adventure and getting the new shop set up. 4000 feet of shop, 1000 feet of showroom and office, two bathrooms and a Partridge in a pear tree (OK, no Partridge but it sounds funny).

Dig the pictures, the view from BAILEIGH BLVD. is stunning as it overlooks BENDPAK Heights, to the WINZER nut bin and the showroom featuring all our new swag. We’re off and running on our way to G.N.R.S. with the Tom Lieb roadster to contend for A.M.B.R. 2016 as one of our first stops.

Stay tuned, more to come.

– Jimmy Shine

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