The Latest Shine Shop Happenings . . . . I know it’s been awhile.

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We’ve been hard at it the last few months, lots of car work and also a bunch of travelling. Billy Gibbons and I did 5 shows in 11 days down in Australia, a little music playing and then interaction with people in the crowd as we talked smack and answered interesting questions. Understandably you can imagine 11 days with a Rock Star can be quite interesting.
Back in the states for a short time then we were off to Toronto, Canada for the Motorama. Really well run show, lots of great cars and bikes, people too. Of course Billy found some killer little sushi restaurant that we hit nightly . . . not bad!
The debut of “Rockin Roadsters” appeared on Discovery with great reviews but . . . looks like we might be doing something altogether different, funny how things work out. nuff said on that topic fer now.
Shop car projects are listed like this . . The Pro Touring 1961 T-Bird of Randy Kunkle is almost ready for paint. It features a full tube chassis we built and an Allen Besannt Inglese injected 427 punched to 482 cubes, a C-6 through a Gear Vendors final drive is a 9″.
Marvin McAfee has his 1968 Fastback Mustang here for the front suspension and some tin work getting done. The car will run in the V.A.R.A. circuit ( Vintage Automotive Racing Assoc.) M.C.E. is Marvin’s engine shop, check the “for sale” part of the JSWS site here for some engines he has listed.
Mike Sinacola from Dallas Texas sent his 1934 Ford truck to us for some refinement work. I started talking to Mike over 15 years ago when he started the project. His truck was inspired by my 34 but his is uniquely his own . . . bad ass machine getting even better.
The JETSTAR 1 project is moving forward as we work with the foundations and layout our PR campaign. Chip Foose spent a few evenings here collaborating with us over the design. It too will be an amazing PT automobile!
The L.A. Roadster show is less than 2 weeks away and its also the 20 year anniversary of the So-Cal Open House! Two events you don’t want to miss. I think that Saturday the 18th we are going to have the doors open here at the JSWS after about 3:00 in the afternoon for anyone wanting to drop in for an eyeball around the new digs.
June 22nd will find my chick Nikki and I heading to the U.K. with our pal Tony Thacker, Billy and Gilly Gibbons to attend the Goodwood festival. Lord March has extended us an invitation and you know we’re going to go. Oh yeah, Billy’s 34 coupe the “WHISKEY RUNNER” has shipped out 3 weeks ago and we’re meeting her there. . . going to make a few hits in the coupe up the hill climb!
Ok, that’s a quick hit and I’m going to do this weekly when I can get more in depth with certain topics, projects, machine’s, etc. . . . I mean it this time!
L8tr folks!