S.E.M.A. 2016 . . . the Acura Projects

Jimmy Shine Uncategorized

So on social media and the website we’ve been amiss. Reason being is that we were approached by our friends Dave Marek and Allie Coulter of Honda/Acura to create something unique for S.E.M.A. 2016. Yup, a non disclosure agreement to not talk about or show to the public is in order. Acura has recently debuted their new super car the refined NSX/GT3 and it is quite remarkable but how to tie it with the rest of the production cars. Dave had the idea to build a trailer to put the car on and conect it to the Acura MDX. The trick is to compliment all vehicles and not be over-powering on any select one. The trailer is a collaboration of many including my friend Jeff Allison who put a pen to paper for the initial rendering, Paul Bosserman who did the CAD design and simulation of functions before even one cut was made or welder turned on. The concept is a race car themed trailer that is tubular just like the roll cage and has an organic flow of BAILEGH bent tubing for a fast visual impression. A perimeter chassis is static and built in the form of a truss and the inner bed is hinged at the front, pinned in the rear to lock in place, but the magic is the hydraulic pumps and rams that lift and lower the bed so the NSX/GT3 can easily be loaded. quite the feat indeed. We also did some mild work to the 2017 MDX, a lowering job of 1 3/4″ around, forward “splitter” to mimic the NSX, 20″ factory Acura wheels, tinted windows and even matching graphics applied by my pal George of BOSS WRAPS located in Santa Ana, Cal. Thank you to Acura for the opportunity to do this project and supplying us with the studio shots!
More to come soon as we’ve also been banging on the “JETSTAR 1” project . . . . stay tuned