Mike Sinacola’s 34 Ford Truck

Jimmy Shine Uncategorized

I started talking to Mike some 15 years ago when I received a phone call at So-Cal one afternoon. He was asking detail questions about my 34 truck as he too wanted to build something similar but with his creative spin on it. I was impressed with his knowledge of early ford parts and his keen eye of design through his verbal explanations of what his minds eye see’s. After a while I could tell this wasn’t a grown man I was speaking to, I asked him just how old are you? . . . his reply, I’m 13 and in the 7th grade. Sounds like I’m talking to a younger me I thought thinking back to when I was 14 and started building my 40 Willys. I sent Mike a copy of Rodders Journal with my truck in it and told him if I can help in any way I would. We spoke many times throughout the next few years as progress on the machine evolved. The truck was completed a few years back and Mike took it to Detroit Autorama to debut it. . . it won a first of class award and turned many heads. As like many of us once a car is completed you always want to change and or improve it in some which way . . . . well Mike is what you call an “extreme individual” when it comes to change and will pull the trigger and cut up his work to re-invent it!

So far we’ve shortened the front end 4 1/2″, converted it from cowl steer to cross steer via a bell-crank assembly, fabricated and new hood with a blister cover over the carburetors and now working on the rear suspension for the Halibrand quick-change. We’ve built shackled quarter elliptic spring perches, ladder bars to through mounts that are double shear, shock mounts to the ladder bars as well and a longer pan-hard bar to mimic the ladder bars set at a perfect horizontal at ride height.

More to come soon as Mike and I have plans for some color changes, wheels and a severe attitude adjustment. Stay tuned!