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There has been quite a lot of things happening since my last blog. Number one the stupid internet wouldn’t let me access the site to write anything new . . . at least thats what I’m saying, could be I was hitting the wrong buttons . .you never know.

Paul Bosserman is the newest addition to the team and including him it makes two of us. perfect! We’re considering looking for another fabricator / builder to join us, as it stands we work really well together but keeping a sharp eye out for someone who fits the bill. Paul and I have developed our own version of a 3″ louver for our press that resembles those of Eric Vaughn. . . but different, we don’t want to rip him off. If anyone needs holes punched we can do it! Jay Carter just sent us his Falcoon tailgate and we riddled it to look like a cheese grater.

I’ve been visiting many airports lately it would seem. I’ve been to England, Ontario Canada, Michigan, and Wisconsin twice. Hot rod shows for the most part but Wisconsin is for filming the BAILEIGH INDUSTRIAL demos and internet commercials as I am now the featured spokesman. My buddy at BAILEIGH is Jim Newberg and he films it all along with his assistant Toby, or is it Tony, I forget. Check out the BAILEIGH website to see the advertisements.

The shop is getting busy with projects like Tom Lieb’s 1929 Ford Roadster I built years ago, its getting striped down and completely reworked in an attempt to compete for this years A.M.B.R. 2016 title. We’re feeling pretty good about our chances! . . time will tell. WE also have a couple different Billy Gibbons vehicles that are here for some iconic mods straight from his eclectic mind for which we are to apply directly to said car. In other words we’re doing Billyism’s that only he can dream up. . . nuff sed, you’ll see.

We also got a phone call from a young lady who inherited a 1969 Corvette Convertible Stingray from her Uncle, it’s a 427 4-speed car too. Original paint, interior, etc. It’s getting the full detail and tune up, we are being careful to maintain the integrity of the car and preserve it as a survivor from the 60’s. If you’re in the L.A. area and see a cute gal in an Electric Blue 427 Vette, you’ll know who she is.

One more thought, we’ve had a revelation related to our shipping costs for T-shirts etc. It would seem that our charges within the states were quite reasonable but over-sea’s was ridiculous like in the neighborhood of 30.00 for a shirt . . . delivery only! . . .we now offer a much more affordable way. Call Nikki here at the shop for details. . . and be nice, she’s my wife.

shop # 714 288-1125

later kids!
Jimmy Shine