Kruse’s Harley Davidson

  • Kruse's Harley Davidson

Based on an Atlas chassis, this bike started its journey back in 1996.

Dan brought his rolling chassis to SO-Cal Speed Shop to get the special treatment from Pete Chapouris. Dan was so impressed with the “Hogzilla” bikes that he and Bob Bauder had built for Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top. Pete tasked Shine to head up the project and advance his sheet metal working skills under the guidance of legendary metalman Bill “Birdman” Stewart.

Special consideration was involved to properly fit Kruse to the bike since he is 6’4” tall. Tailoring was a must in order to keep Dan from dwarfing the bike’s proportions. Custom tank, fenders, air cleaner, electrical box, pedals, pipes and more turned it into another one-off motorcycle to add to the legacy. A 98 c.i. Evolution by Bill Chambers provides adequate power to keep the bugs in the teeth. It all did the trick, as the bike was soon captured by photographer Wes Allison and graced the cover of Hotbike magazine.